About: Our Travels and Living Aboard

Interested in the romance, joys, fears, problems and pleasures involved in living aboard and continually traveling?  Curious about what it’s like to see the Eastern Seaboard, Great Lakes, mighty rivers, Canada and the Bahamas from the water?  Read on. We’ve sampled all the variety of life afloat.

May, 1997 having sold all our land stuff, we started out with our sailboat Tranquility and covered 14,500 miles.  April, 2000 we moved to our new trawlercat Odyssey to continue our adventures. At the end of 2011 we’ve logged slightly over 40,000 miles aboard Odyssey.  Our traveling continues with new entries on a periodic basis.

About: Odyssey an Endeavour Trawlercat 36 has detail information about our boat.

Our FAQ’s page has information about  some of the day-to-day mechanics of living aboard and traveling continually.

In 2004 we purchased a 28′ Safari Trek RV and began doing some exploring by RV.  Now we split our time between traveling by boat and traveling by RV.  Our blog for travels on the Trek in the process of being set up.
We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

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The cliffs on the header page are at the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula  as we left the Gulf of St Lawrence and entered the North Atlantic.  Our post 113 Tadoussac, Quebec to West Point, PEI has additional pictures and the story.


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  1. Rick Clark Says:

    Hey guys, the blog looks good. Looking forward to more. Rick

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