Trip to Never Never Land


It was purely an impulsive act that started during our morning walk. We decided to go to Disney World for a few days. The inspiration for the trip was to see the Osborne Christmas lights we’d seen on TV a few years ago. A few hours after deciding we had reservations at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort for the Trek, 3-day theme park tickets and were on the road heading south.

We hadn’t given Fort Wilderness much thought. We figured it would be populated with people like us coming in for a short visit. Like all things Disney, we expected a first class set up, but not much more. As we arrived we began to feel like we were in Never Never Land.

Trek at Fort Wilderness.

Trek at Fort Wilderness.

Some things, like how spread out the every thing was showed up immediately as we drove over a mile seeing only the entrance roads to circle roads where the RV sites were located. We quickly discovered that all sites were paved and well spaced and nicely landscaped. I was surprised to see a tree stump in the utility hookup area. Closer inspection revealed the tree stump was concrete (every thing at Disney World seems to be made out of concrete) and concealed power, cable and dual water faucets. One of faucet connections was for the wash down hose supplied by the resort. Pushing the site completely over the top, or in this case into the ground was the stainless sink sunk into the utility area to catch and drain any spilled sewage from the sewage hookup connection. The utility area was graveled to allow for easy drainage while eliminating picking up mud from damp soil.

Utility area has a cement tree stump and sunken waste drain sink

Utility area has a cement tree stump and sunken waste drain sink

Two other things had caught our eye as we drove around the circle to our site. We were surprised to see a number of sites with impressive displays of inflatable Disney themed Christmas decorations. Also, many of the sites had decorated golf carts parked.  As we walked around and struck up conversations we learned that Fort Wilderness is a major long term winter destination for Disney collectors and others just loving resort living.

At first we thought the resort put up the mega inflatable Christmas displays we encountered. We quickly learned the displays were all private, that there were competitions for bragging rights, and many of the RVers with huge displays put up changing displays. One person said “You should have see Halloween.”

One RVer's Christmas display

One RVer’s Christmas display

We poked around getting a kick out of seeing ‘RV resort living’ but didn’t come close to getting a complete sample. Our focus was visiting the theme parks. We left fairly early and got back late and tired from spending the day wandering and enjoying the Magic Kingdom one day and Hollywood Studios the second day. Next time we visit we’ll block out more time to explore Fort Wilderness.

Window stuffed with Disney characters.

Window stuffed with Disney characters.

Oh yea. The Osborne Christmas lights, the reason for going in the first place, were great.


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One Response to “Trip to Never Never Land”

  1. MJ. Brush Says:

    Ruth & Don, Miss you folks, hope we can meet up in Florida this winter. I want to hear about your summer…love, MJ

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