Tall Ship Arrival


Cannon smoke from the Pride of Baltimore hangs in the still air.

The distinctive sound of a cannon firing brought us up from below to see what was going on.  Off our stern on a beautiful  morning was the Pride of Baltimore with a plume of cannon smoke slowly drifting away in the still morning air..  The Pride, with all sails set,  had made her arrival known to all within earshot.  Standing of, the fire boat John H Glenn Jr sprayed a water salute while the Pride’s crew went to work.

Crew starting to strike the sails.

Slowly sails are furled.

Our view of of the Pride of Baltimore now at Gangplank for a few days of public tours and sails.


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2 Responses to “Tall Ship Arrival”

  1. Alan Says:

    I note your marine is probably typical of many: 1 boat in 3 with a ‘for sale’ tag on it!
    Cannon fire that early in the mornihg would bring any good sailor to deck. Glad you got the photos. I believe “Spirit” was in Mystic a few years ago and went aground at the green marker just off the Noank shipyard (where you guys stayed).
    Nevertheless, life is good here in the NE. Today was the first chilly morning.

  2. Ralph and Bonnie Jean Says:

    Thanks for sharing that with us. I always love seeing them

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