Jekyll Island: It was a very good time


As our departure date approached Jekyll Island did subtle things trying to convince us we should stay longer.  Here’s are a few of the images we captured just before we were due to leave and why they seem to ask us to stay.

Everyone gathering to go over to the DQ grand opening.

A plan to go over to the DQ’s grand opening as a group was hatched during an informal happy hour the evening before as people came out to enjoy the sunset.  Morning arrived with thick clouds and rain.  We headed for the marina office deck wondering how many would show.  Soon virtually all the happy hour participants were reassembled and there was mutual surprise at the turnout.  Some headed out by car.  A small group of us splashed through puddles as we walked over for a fun DQ visit.

Music at SeaJay’s on Thursday night is an interesting dynamic.  Some night’s SeaJay’s is packed and Tommy the bartender is busy.  Other night the crowd nurses their drinks making for a slow night for the wait staff.  On occasion almost no one shows up.

Randy and Diana enjoying Alex's performance at SeaJay's.

One cold night the crowd was thin, but listened intently as Alex Bevan, a classic troubadour thrilled the small group of Great Lakes boaters with: Long Ships, Passing, This Old Boat, The Lyman Men, and The Great Lakes Song.  All were songs we hadn’t heard before but now love.  Alex and his wife traveled on, playing his way on a working vacation down to Key West.  He was back again, this time playing to a capacity crowd the night before we left.

Bill & Cynthia on Dragon Fly heading north.

A distinctive red canvas bow caught our eye and we knew it was Dragon Fly.  Bill and Cynthia had purchased her, added solar panels, batteries and an electric motor transforming the Erie Canal Hire Boat we’d known into a eco friendly cruiser. Their slower electric powered pace keeps them on the move.  We’ll catch up with them again further north.

Ruth's flower photos bed cover being developed.

One day our bed will have a unique collage of flower we’ve photographed during our travels.   Ruth selects the images and I print them on fabric.  Then her creative abilities take over working out framing trim and a pleasing arrangement.

Charlie watching dock activity from his chair.

Charlie belongs to Frank and Lynne on Millie B.  On warm days Charlie loves to relax in his char on the bow of Millie B, a classic wood yacht and watch people passing by on the dock below.

Tye tempted by MJ's drink is caught in the act.

At times, everything clicks.  Timing worked out and Alan, MJ and their dog Tye came for a visit.  We had a wonderful time, swapping notes about our various travels and adventures.  Long beach walks let everyone get exercise, and Tye listened patiently as we talked into the evening.

Last Jekyll sunset before leaving.

A pleasant evening with a pastel orange and purple sunset over calm seas seemed to say ‘stay longer’.  We did, dragging our feet the next morning before taking one last beach walk.

Ruth displays our beach treasure found on our last morning on Jekyll.

As we headed south on the beach a bright gleam caught Ruth’s eye.  A few feet further we could tell we’d found one of the prized glass float beach treasures.  What a treat.

One last surprise occurred as we biked one last time around the north end of Jekyll.  Shortly after we arrived we tried the wooded paths at the north end and found them difficult to negotiate on our folding bikes.  Now on a whim we tried one of the paths we rejected and found it fairly easy to ride.  We ended up riding the entire north end off road in the woods.  Our almost 600 miles of bike path and beach riding had gotten us in better shape than we realized.

We were tied up just behind Chuck and Nancy on Passion who we had a great time with.

Finally we were out of excuses and Jekyll had run out of things to tempt us with to stay.  We said our good byes, got a bit of help getting off the dock in the strong tidal current and were on our way.  High Tide-Low Tide shows the tidal range responsible for the strong current.  The first leg was short, just to St Simons where we met with Tom and Marilyn for a final good bye.

Danny took our picture from the Jekyll dock just as we started north.



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