Jekyll Island Living


We arrived at Jekyll with much anticipation. In addition to having the fun of seeing what is comfortably familiar, we enjoy discovering what is new.  It has been four years since our last visit by boat so we were pleasantly surprised to see most of the dock staff were the same friendly folk.

We couldn’t wait to see what had changed on the island. Our first stop though was the cafe at the historic district. We had to get our jumbo cookie fix. It was fun greeting waitresses from years past. We’ve been coming to Jekyll either by boat or RV since 1997.

The Jekyll Island Authority has been discussing “up-dating” the island for many years. This is a unique place in that it is a Georgia state park. Only a small percentage of it can have homes and businesses.  The businesses and convention center were pretty dated. Finally after 10 years of

Flash Food opened 1/24/11.

talking revitalization is underway.   We saw the new combo Flash Food/Dairy Queen going up  as we headed for  that cookie fix.  The island had been without a gas station for over a year.  Off in the distance we could see and hear the old shopping center being demolished with the brick and concreted being ground up to be used as foundation material.  Huge holes in the convention center walls foretold its destruction.

We learned that Jekyll had been invaded by X-Men and found them rapidly developing their beach landing location.  See Movie Making on Jekyll Island and Movie Set Magic for more about why we made almost daily walks or bike rides past their base.

Steve checks gun carriage.

We arrived just before Thanksgiving. The last few years Linda, and Steve come to visit for the holiday. We have a great time showing them new paths we’ve discovered plus hitting old favorite spots. They are birders and Jekyll has added to their life list a few times.  This year we had an additional event to observe closely that kept us busy, the process of moving very old, beautiful live oak trees.  Live Oak Relocation has pictures and  details.
Our island life settled into a comfortable somewhat familiar routine.  We treat Jekyll as a bit of a boot camp in that we arrive hoping to get in better shape by the time we leave. We each spend an hour doing Wii Fit first thing in the morning.  Through the course of the day we walk several miles and do a long bike ride. Of course, that can be self-defeating, as hiking or biking often will include a visit to one of our favorite restaurants for breakfast or lunch.  We try to compensate for the extra calories by walking or riding the beach as much as possible. The daily beach changes caused by tide and wind caught our attention.  Now our day doesn’t seem to be complete unless we walk a few miles along the beach observing what the tide has brought in or taken away, or how it has rearranged the beach surface.  See Morning Beach Walks and After the Storm for examples of what we enjoy on the beach.

Bumpy day at the dock.

Last year we were here by RV tucked comfortably in under the live oaks at the north end of the island.  Most days it was tough to tell if the wind was blowing let alone direction from our shaded sheltered site.  Before we arrived we thought we might have been spoiled by our snugly campsite and wouldn’t like being on a face dock exposed to wind and waves from a very open western exposure.   There are days when we’ve rocked and rolled and we’ve told friends they wouldn’t be happy visiting because of the wind direction.

Ruth's art studio on a sunny day.

The rough days are few and are offset by all the good days.  Days when the sun, even on cool days, warms the cockpit and the light and warmth draw us up to enjoy the view, see dolphin surface for a breath of air, pelicans folding wings and plunging head first into the ICW then surfacing with water draining from their pouch.  Other days southward bound cruiser passing 50 yards to starboard  stir an itch and we watch longer than we should as they pass by heading on to see what is around the next bend.  We linger in the evening watching the sunset, sometimes ordinary, many times spectacular and we know we love being at Jekyll Island by boat.

Ruth wrote most of this entry.  I added a bit of detail.



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