Galley Faucet Replacement


The galley faucet broke.  Seven years earlier we’d had a problem with the faucet and discovered how difficult it had been to attempt to work on it because we have deep bowls and there is very little clearance between the sink and the hull.  This time I took a different approach.  I took the sink out instead of attempting to work laying on my back and reaching up behind it.

The drain was easy to separate from the overboard drain hose.  The sink is held in place with silicone seal.  A bit of work with a putty knife broke it free and the sink lifted out easily.  With the sink removed access to the faucet connections is easy.

From our earlier repair I knew I had one unusual item to fix.  The faucet hole in the Corian was 2” instead of the standard 1 1/2.”  I found that a 1 ½” PVC pipe had a 1.9” OD.   A ½” piece of tube held in place with Liquid Nails and a 3/16” plywood piece with a 1 ½” hole glued to the Corian bottom brought the hole back to spec and provides additional holding and sealing surface for the faucet.

With the sink out removing and replacing the faucet was simple.  To reseal the sink,  I set it in place and ran masking tape around the edge to make cleaning up the Corian easier.  Then I removed the sink put a heavy layer of silicone seal around the edge and put it back in place.  Filling both bowls with water weighed the sink down while the silicone seal set.

I’d remove the sink again if I ever have to do another faucet replacement.


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