Cow House Creek, SC to Beaufort, SC


It was oh so tempting to stay another day at Cow House Creek reading, relaxing and watching cruisers moving south on the ICW and being entertained as people came in to anchor.  However, we also wanted to be at Jekyll before Thanksgiving, so after our full day at anchor we were on the move at first light.


At 5 AM we again had the spotlight out shining the starboard shoreline to provide a visual cue for judging distance off shore as we headed down a very dark Waccamaw River.  This time in the blackness before first light running was more relaxed thanks to our prior practice.


The bridge clearance board read 62’ as we passed under the last fixed bridge north of Charleston Harbor.  The unusually high tide had reduced the official high tide clearance by 3’ and explained why a very large sailboat with a very tall mast had suddenly pulled over to the side of the ICW and anchored.  Listening on the VHF a bit later we learned the boat had a 64’ mast, and we figured they had a two hour delay waiting for the tide.


Continuing down through Charleston Harbor we started reading “So Damn Much Money: The Triumph of Lobbying and the Corrosion of American Government to each other.  It is quite interesting learning about how earmarks got started by lobbyists.


Currents and tides were cooperating, and we had the longest run of our trip south: 111 miles to our anchorage at Tom Point.  The anchor was set just after the sun dipped below the horizon.  The long day was deliberate.  The next day we would arrive early at Beaufort and would have a long day ashore.


My hip bumped the lifeline right where my camera case hung.  A splash a half second later caused me to grab the camera case only to confirm the splash was from the camera relocating to the bottom of the ICW just off the Beaufort Town Dock.   I hated loosing the camera I was comfortable with.  In addition, I was bummed about loosing a whole series of ICW pictures.


We always walk Bay St, Beaufort’s main street of shops, shortly after arrival see what shops have changed over, and to get a bit of exercise in anticipation of getting an ice cream sundae at the ice cream store.  Down at the corner of Bay St  and US 21 Business Road over Lady’s Island Bridge we stopped to read the open house sign for new condos above the store.  A very bored salesman noticed us and invited us on a tour as he talked about the great ICW view.   We went along, enjoyed the view, and left wondering why anyone would want a very expensive condo with an odd floor plan, with a busy highway on the other side of one wall.  It gave us a great topic of discussion as we enjoyed our sundaes.


Two cruise ships arrived in Beaufort during our stay.  These are not the mega cruise ships (no camera for pictures) that take thousands out on the ocean.  These ships operated by American Cruise Lines carry 100 or fewer guests and explore the same ICW we do, waiting at times for high tide to get through the thinner parts of the ICW.


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