Pungo Creek to Swansboro, NC



This time we didn’t even have a boat motion excuse for being awake early and under way in the black of the early predawn morning.  We were just eager to move and enjoy the adventure of moving in the darkness.


Our GPS bread crumb trail made leaving Pungo Creek easy.  Once in the Pungo River we were back on our electronic route providing waypoints to steer toward.


For a few minutes it looked like we had a red to the right of the green we were steering toward and apparently marking a narrow opening that didn’t appear on any of our charts.  It just didn’t make sense.  Then as we got closer to the green we could see the red seemed to be changing position?  Finally we realized that we were looking at a red over a mile away and in the morning blackness we didn’t have any depth perception.  With that understanding everything made sense.


With our early start it was still mid morning as we approached Oriental so we decided to continue on without stopping.  The north wind giving us a push down the Neuse River diminished as we entered the confines of Allen Creek.


It has been three years since we’ve traveled the ICW and Allen Creek is the first place going south where we run close to houses lining the shore and can observe changes.  We noted a few new homes and home additions and then found an area there were a series of large houseboats lined along the shore.  It appeared by the way it was set up that a lot with houseboat was being sold so you could have an on-the-water home.


Lot and houseboat for sale

Some parts of the ICW like Allen Creek are interesting passages; some like Bogue Sound with a twenty mile run along a dredged channel through shallow waters of the sound are tedious.  Bogue Sound also runs east and west putting the afternoon sun directly in front of us.  We pushed on getting the Sound behind us and stopped at Swansboro.


Swansboro historic district

Long, late afternoon shadows joined us as we explored Swansboro’s historic district getting some much needed exercise and enjoying the character of the buildings.  We found a nice spot to stop and have appetizers and a drink before returning to Odyssey.


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