Washington, DC


Starting up the Potomac we speculated that we might get bored in DC having visited it so many times and having been there for a month in the spring.  We needn’t have worried.  When we left a month later our list of things we wanted to do hadn’t been completed.

Our dock with the dome of the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

Our ashore adventures are recorded in our blog: Noticed Along he Path.  The entries are listed below.

Jim and Rita’s visitRuth’s Dad WWII Combat Reports. Library of Congress Reading Room Tour.

Uncle Sylvester’s GraveBike Ride To Mt VernonLincoln’s Cottage.

National GalleryCongressional Cemetery.

Cindy’s Visit:  Afternoon Walk, Mansion on O Street, Panda and Orangutan and Naked Man-Oh My!

Rally to Restore Sanity

Our walkway back to shore

It would be tempting to say this was the best time we’ve had in DC., that’s how we felt.  However that’s what we felt the last time we were leaving DC after Jeff, Danielle, and Heather’s visit.

Instead of leaving at first light we changed our routine a bit.  We rode our bikes to breakfast at L’Enfant Plaza then headed to Safeway to stock up on groceries.

Just before noon we were on our way down the Potomac.  It was still early as we neared the Mattawoman anchorage we’d used coming up.  However,  with a north wind we decided to experiment and anchor out directly on the Potomac at Tom Point.  With a north wind we’d be in the lee tucked up near shore out of the marked channel.  In fading light we worked in past some trap floats and set the anchor.  Minutes later the light was gone,  and we were comfortable with our new anchorage.



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