Mid Lakes Marina to Erie Canal Lock 16


Lock 30 with Emita II

We’d said our goodbyes, winterized the Trek and put it in storage.  It was time  relax until morning when we’d head for Newark to keep appointments: a post cataract eye exam for new glasses for me, a haircut for Ruth. Glancing up, we saw the Emita II heading east toward Lock 30 a mile away. We looked at each other and said ‘why not?’ and started scrambling to cast off. The timing worked out, and we passed through the lock with Emita II.

With late morning appointments cutting into our travel time, we took Odyssey through Lock 28B early and tied up below the lock putting the 20-30 minutes of lock time behind us. We broke out our folding bikes for the short ride back to town.

Appointments complete we biked back to Odyssey. It was just after noon when we were officially on our way. Things really clicked when Steve called to let us know a late package had arrived, then showed up at Lock 28A to make the delivery and ride down in the lock with us.

Hours later, cold blowing rain seemed to suck fading twilight down into dull highlights on wave tops as Lock 24 and the lock wall, our planned destination, emerged out of the gloom. We’d just started our approach when Ruth said, “What do you think about tying up below the lock?” A half hour later, Odyssey was secured below the lock, and we were walking back for appetizers and a drink at Lock 24 Restaurant. It had been a unique day, and we were celebrating our first day of heading south.

Leaving at first light we arrived early at Brewerton and the 24 hour unattended self serve diesel pump at Winter Harbor Marina. Our fill up confirmed that by slowing down slightly we’d cut our fuel consumption almost in half.  As we headed out across Oneida Lake we speculated about which fuel stops might no longer be necessary.

West wind worked on Oneida Lake, slowly building up the waves to the point where we needed to go to work and take over from the autopilot. Waves from behind were running 2-3 feet just before we were back into the smooth water of the canal at Sylvan Beach.

Ilion Library

It’s always fun to stop or anchor someplace new and that prompted a stop a Ilion. Steep hills gave us a good workout as we explored town the next morning. We added another library picture to our collection finding the Ilion Library to be charming on the outside, but having given up the interior charm it may have once had for modern shelving. We also took time to tour the Remington Arms factory museum.  Ilion charges by the foot for dockage and compared to towns along the canal that offer more for less dockage cost we’ll skip future visits.

Grand Mariner passing Little Falls

Shortly after tying up at Little Falls the Grand Mariner passed by heading to Oswego. There the ship changes its appearance. The pilothouse shown here retracted to clear all the canal’s fixed bridges will be raised for better visibility and then the ship will continue on to Montreal and Quebec City.

Part of Garlic Festival at Little Falls

Jim and Rita met up with us for a planned lovely dinner at Canal Side, a restaurant we all loved from back in the days when Ruth, Jim, and Rita worked an annual craft show near Little Falls. Coinsidently Little Falls was having their annual Garlic and Herb Festival, and we poked around sampling things garlic. That evening we found that James the owner/chef of Canal Side hadn’t lost his touch as we enjoyed a delightful dinner.

The sparkling Saturday had given way to a damp Sunday as we drove Rita’s car to the east side of the lock.   From there we all walked the mile back to Odyssey along the beautiful canal path. Jim and Rita rode down in Lock 17 with us and we made plans for meeting in Washington sometime in October.

They headed home and we headed east to tie up at Lock 16 for the evening. Using our folding bikes we biked a couple of miles further east and explored St Johnsville, a tiny town along the canal.   It was just starting to sprinkle as we folded the bikes and snuggled in for the evening.

Mid Lakes to Erie Canal Lock 16


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