Port of Newark, NY


Since our first visit in the fall of 1997 we have watched the Port of Newark evolve into the gem it has become today.  Retaining walls have been painted with scenes depicting life along the canal life in the 1800’s.  Recently added swings and a picnic shelter encourage people to stay and enjoy the area.

For boaters: power, water, pump out, washer/dryer, rest rooms and showers are all provided at no charge.  A walk along a shaded wooded canal path takes you to Wegmans a bit over a mile away for a first rate grocery experience.  Convenient restaurants provide eating out alternatives.  At night,  a curfew limits the marina park area to boaters only.

Needing a break from dock lock at the marina and limited by series medical appointments to travel distance we headed off to Newark.  We’d planned on staying maybe a week enjoying town.  The blog entry about Newark’s Front Porches is a sampling of some of the great front poarches we found walking around Newark.

A thin strip of land shields Odyssey from the pulse of the canal at the marina.  Tied up to Newark’s linear wall Odyssey reacts subtly to each passing boat and quietly signals us to check out a passing vessel.  Our old feeling of being part of a marine community came back and we extended our stay.  Instead of returning to the marina to pick up the Trek to make a medical appointment. We brought the Trek to Steve & Linda’s and from there took off for the appointment.  Many hours later, in the rain, we returned to Odyssey by bike completing a 32 mile ride after leaving the Trek in Webster, NY for repairs.

Reluctantly we headed back to spend some time at the marina.  Before leaving, we gave the Village of Newark a letter of appreciation and a check to cover the utilities we’d used and provided a bit of additional funding to help keep the Port of Newark the gem it has become.


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One Response to “Port of Newark, NY”

  1. Helen Blandino, Trustee,Village of Newark Says:

    Hello! Your comments about our Port of Newark were so nice -they
    gave me “chills” of pleasure to read such positive statements! Mayor
    Peter Blandino has been the driving force to make all these positive
    changes for Port of Newark- he and I have been visiting boaters to get
    their input for improvements – Thank your for your input.

    Helen M. Blandino, Village of Newark Trustee

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