In 2000 when Odyssey was under construction Endeavour ran NEMA output wiring from our Gramin GPS to the VHF Radio, Auto Pilot and two RS232 plugs, one in the cockpit and one in the port stateroom.  The VHF uses the connection to transmit our latitude and longitude in an emergency.  The auto pilot receives route information to automatically follow routs we’ve planned.  The two RS232 plugs (state of the art in 2000) connect to our laptop and let it provided the GPS with preplanned routes and download track and other information.

The original wiring was nothing but soldered and taped connections, in a jumble of wire.  The salt air finally got to the cockpit RS232 plug in 2004 and after much sorting I figured out the unmarked wires and installed one terminal strip when I replaced the plug.  This year I replaced the plug again and took time to improve the setup eliminating much of the wire rat nest and used a block of wood to hold two terminal strips, one for the VHF cable and the other for the Garmin cable and the cables going to the RS232 cockpit plug and auto pilot and then the stateroom RS232 plug.  Now it’s much easier to find and understand the connections.

GPS NEMA Connections

The picture has added detail explaining the cables and is now part of Odyssey’s Owner Manual for future reference.


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