New Cockpit lights


Decided to replace the two florescent fixtures in the cockpit.  In there place we’ve installed 12 volt warm white led rope lights along both edges of the center board.  To get an indirect effect I’ve temporally cut up a piece of white foam board.  Were a bit surprised to see that the foam board let some light through but think we might like the overall effect.  We’ll do some experimenting with different concealment methods, but these images show how the lighting looks.

Early evening

After dark

The overall after dark lighting level in the cockpit is very uniform and even.  The light level on the cockpit table is good and will make for pleasant dining.



2 Responses to “New Cockpit lights”

  1. Brad Says:

    Great idea. It really looks good.

  2. Donovan Vezin (EOS) Says:

    It DOES look good. I changed my fixtures to the the selectable white/red ones, but they probably make red rope lights (runthe parallel to each other with a selector switch – 1 on, 2 on, or both on.


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