Solomons, MD to Washington, DC


After waiting all morning to receive our new dinghy we were notified it would not arrive until Wednesday.  Ruth worked out a plan to have it delivered in Leonardtown.  Five minutes later we were on the move.

The Bay was smoother than we expected as was the mouth of the Potomac.  Rough water started about 5 miles upstream as north wind increased.  Occasional 3′ waves mixed in the 2′ chop produced bumpy conditions.  We used the rough conditions to check on how the forward berth and bookcase area were reacting.    The boat felt solid and I was quite pleased.  The initial test of the repairs was very positive.

We approached the park wall at Leonardtown heading into 25 mph northwest winds going dead slow.  Our chart indicated ruins underwater;  depth sounder reported 2′ and sometimes less under the hull.  Ruth nailed the landing, and I climbed off to secure the spring line and bow lines to the wall’s cleats.  Ruth came aft to assist with the stern line.  I didn’t move fast enough to get the spring line secured before it was pulled from my hand.  Odyssey was still in gear moving forward and getting pushed by the wind away from the wall.  Ruth ran back to the helm took control and started a go around as I watched shivering in the cold blowing wind.  Odyssey did a slow circle, and Ruth nailed the landing again.  This time everything went right and we made short work of getting Odyssey secured.  Then we both chuckled about again having some kind of screw up after being away from Odyssey for awhile.  With the cold and wind we elected to wait and do our exploring in the AM.

Leonardtown Park

Leonardtown is charming.  The free town dock is in a nice park and downtown is just up hill.  We enjoyed seeing the historic buildings as we walked the town in the early morning. and then settled in to wait for the dinghy delivery.  Jay  and Timmy, two of Leonardtown’s managers stopped by to welcome us and tell us a bit about the town.  Jay returned later with literature about the town.  They certainly did make us feel welcome.

Brenton Bay

Susan, West Marine’s store manager showed up with the dingy. The dingy was soon assembled.  We took it for a short test run and were very pleased.   Lunch out was great as was doing a bit more town exploring before settling in for the evening.

It was dead calm when we started away from the dock at 6 am.  Fifty feet off the wall going dead slow when we hit something solid under water. The ruins are still there and dangerous to boats.  After a couple of very gentle throttle applications we  found deeper water,  followed our bread crumb trail back out of Brenton Bay and started north up the Potomac.

Dawn brought a perfect running day on a rising tide with a following wind.  A down bound Coast Guard buoy tender and a few local fishermen were the only boat traffic.  We rode along enjoying the day, the view and the boat.  We take turns steering hourly and whoever is off the helm reads aloud. Waiter Rant is the current book.

Gangplank Marina

Looking aft from the cockpit

Waves and wind started building from behind as we passed Alexandria.  Washington Channel was quite choppy as we entered.  Passing the T head we’d be tied to Ruth brought us around and along side with the wind over our bow.  Now that we were again ‘practiced’ it took just minutes to have Odyssey secured and all the shore connections in place.  Jeremy, Dock Master at Gangplank Marina, came out, welcomed us and filled us in about marina details.

Off we went to celebrate being in DC by boat again.  A stop at the Cantina for a very late lunch and celebratory drinks was in order.  A walk to the Castle to check on the state of of the Magnolia blossoms got us our spring feeling fix and also information about what was going on at all the museums.  Poking around a bit more we found Phillips has a terrific happy hour deal and we took full advantage.

Now that we’ve got partying out of our system we’ll settle in and explore and enjoy DC.

Noticed Along The Path has images of our time in Washington, DC


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One Response to “Solomons, MD to Washington, DC”

  1. Tim Smith Says:

    Hi Guys:

    Really enjoying your new site. Seems your photographic talents are showing and, as always, I enjoy your trip narratives. Perhaps we’ll be able to get together sometime in the Pacific Northwest now that the Shell y T is berthed at Anacortes, WA.


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