T019 Linda and Steve Visit in Olympic NP


Dear Heather, Danielle and Lucy, too

Mountain goat sharing the trail with usWe found the big horn sheep using binoculars It’s been awhile since we’ve written because G & G have kept us on the move. When last we wrote we were on our way to Glacier National Park where we saw these awesome mountains and these way cool mountain goats. We’re also including a picture of a big horn sheep—can you see it? It really blends in but is a bit easier to see if you click on the picture to enlarge it. Gramps added an arrow to make it a bit easier to locate.

That’s a VW the troll is holdingPlanes look small in the huge Boeing buildingWe spent two weeks in Seattle, Washington where we rented a car to take care of chores and go sightseeing. Grammy got new glasses and Gramps put new handlebars on her bike. In the course of our wandering we found this big car-eating troll under a bridge in the city. We also toured Boeing factory where they build airplanes. The place is so big it makes the planes look small.

Uncle Steve and Aunt Linda setting up thier tentUncle Steve & Aunt Linda start setting up their tentOne of the best parts of our trip so far was when Aunt Linda and Uncle Steve flew out to visit. They brought their tent, which they set up beside the Trek each night. These black tailed deer came along looking for breakfast one morning.

That’s a big tree!Aunt Linda and Grammy had a great time measuring the size of these huge trees. They were in a rain forest, which has all this moss. It was a bit spooky but beautiful.

A salmon working very hard to get upstreamWe saw salmon swimming up stream to lay eggs to produce the next generation of salmon. It looked like really hard work getting up these rapids.

At the edge of the PacificSince L & S had rented a car, we drove to see the Makah Native American Museum along the Pacific coast. In the olden days they made their clothes out of the bark of trees and used the trees to build big houses which several families lived in together. We also took a hike out to the farthest west point in the United States where we saw this awesome rocky coast. Off in the distance we could barely see sea lions basking on rocks and playing in the ocean.

Uncle Steve, Aunt Linda, Grammy, GrampsUncle Steve’s picture of Mount St HelensL & S brought their shadows along to “hang out” with our shadows. We were at Mt. Rainier—a big volcano. You may remember that we saw the results of a volcano exploding thousands of years ago at Yellowstone and also at Craters of the Moon. This one has not exploded so it is just a really big mountain. We also went to Mt. St. Helens which did explode just a few years before you two were born. Steve took some great pictures. Gramps and Grammy were too lazy to go with them.

We were sad to see L & S leave for home, but we are on to adventures on the Oregon Coast. We’ll tell you about that next time.

Bunches of love, G & G

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