T018 Grand Teetons and Craters of the Moon


Dear Danielle and Heather,
Grammy counting the stepsWaterfall after a long climb downWe reminded Grammy and Gramps to show you some of the pictures of Yellowstone where we feet had to do all the work. Here’s me–Grammy feet climbing 365 steps (she counted all of them) up from the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone where we all viewed this awesome waterfall. If you look carefully on the right side of the waterfall picture you can see a bit of a rainbow. Of course, climbing down them in the first place was easy.
It’s a long way back up all the steps

The hole disappears down into the earthWater is almost at the boiling pointIt was easy walking for us feet when Gramps and Grammy were checking out hot springs. We remembered that you love blue. Here are a couple of the beautiful blue hot springs.

Grand TeetonsElk antlers close upJust south of Yellowstone is Grand Teton National Park. It is real small compared to Yellowstone and is mostly known for its beautiful mountains. We drove through ohhing and ahhing and ended up at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The fun thing they have is this park with elk antler entrances.

Gramps looking at the elk antler archSaw this way cool dog at the farmers marketWe left there after going to their farmers’ market where the only interesting thing was this way cool dog.

Path wandering off through the lava fieldHeading down into the lava tube tunnelWe headed west to Idaho and the Craters of the Moon National Monument. It is made up of lava beds from ancient volcanos. That is why the landscape is black. We did a lot of biking and hiking to see craters and hollow lava tubes. We feet liked the nice paved path through all the lava rock heading toward the entrance to the lava tubes. We were able to climb down into a couple of them to explore. It was real tough going once we were off the path and into the lava rocks and lava tubes. We feet had a tough time on all the broken rock. Thank goodness they have hiking boots. It really got interesting when we Tough walking in the tunnelwalked way back into one of the lava tubes and Gramps and Grammy had to turn on flashlights to see where they were going. They even had to shine their lights on the rocks right in front of us feet so we could see where to step next. It was a fun but spooky hike. We didn’t stay in the dark very long. It’s more fun to see everything around us instead of just a spot of light.

Now we are off the Glacier National Park in Montana, but that’s a story for next time.

Love, G & G Feet

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