T016 Michigan UP & TR National Park


Dear Heather and Danielle,

Wow! Look at that slide. It’s next to the RV park we are staying at in Houghton, MI. We feet wanted to climb the ladders and slide down, but Gramps and Grammy said us feet couldn’t go without them and they wanted to have kids along to go down with.

Gramps’ dad (your Dad’s grandpa Kalen) grew up near Houghton in Upper Michigan. Gramps and Grammy came up to poke around the area to see what the country grandpa Kalen grew up is like. Your dad’s great-great grandfather and grandmother moved there from Finland over 100 years ago. People came from Finland and England to work in copper mines. At one time they lived so far out in the country that they couldn’t go to school. There were no cars and very few roads. Can you imagine living without those things? (And, of course, no TV, computer, GameBoy, etc.)

We feet can remember hearing about the snow in Upper Michigan. When Gramps and Grammy were out exploring one day they found this cool old snow plow that a train pushes down the tracks and an old picture of the snow plow working. Sure glad we feet don’t have to go out in snow that deep.

Oh, we forgot to tell you some stuff about Mackinac Island (after all, we are feet so don’t always remember everything at once). When your Dad was small we took him and Aunt Cindy to Mackinac Island. We hiked all over the place. We also bought fudge because that is what you do there. When your Dad and Aunt Cindy were in their teens we went back and stayed overnight at this hotel–the Chippewa. Ask your dad about staying on Mackinac Island; we bet he remembers. He might even have some pictures of when he was there.

When we got moving, Grammy and Gramps decided to give us feet a rest, and we drove across Wisconsin and Minnesota to do a hike late in the day to get some exercise. It was pretty grassland.

We found these two characters on our way to see a stave church like ones that were built in Norway hundreds of years ago. It was very dark inside and there were no seats so people had to stand up during the service. Aunt Linda is building a model of the church so Gramps took a lot of pictures to help her see how it was built. Next time you are at Aunt Linda’s ask her to show you the model she’s building

Next time you see Gramps and Grammy please ask them to take better care of us feet. We had just arrived at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park and they made us take them exploring in the rain. Here we are standing in the rain so they can see some old blockhouse way up a hill (boy were we tired after that climb) at this fort that some General named Custer commanded one day. Now they are talking about going to see his last battle, we feet hope we don’t have to climb up hill again for that.

See the yellow in the field out the Trek window. It’s a field of nothing but sunflowers. Sure was pretty, even on the dull day.

Our next stop was the best so far. We were at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Gramps got out the bikes, and one morning we rode five miles up a real steep road. When we got to the top we could see this beautiful scenery for miles and miles. We were excited because we saw this big ol’ bison. We did a couple hikes on our way back down hill.

When we got to the campground there was a whole herd of bison. Even us feet had a great time watching them feed. A couple of them took dust baths that really seems weird but helps them get rid of bugs that are bugging them.

Hope your feet take you to a lot of fun adventures at school.

Love G & G feet

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