T015 Mackinac Island


Dear Danielle and Heather,

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Gramps and Grammy’s feet. Gramps and Grammy are taking us on a big trip out West.

You will notice we are soaking just now. Gramps and Grammy took us on a long, dusty hike over the river and through the woods and we are beat. Fortunately, most of the time we get to relax in the RV.

When we were on Mackinac Island; however, they walked us up hill and down looking at all the beautiful homes on an island where no cars are allowed and people get around using horses and carriages.

Gramps and Grammy made us do all the work one morning. We had to walk them along a pretty wooded path to find Canyon Falls. The walk was fun and at the end we feet got to see a pleasant waterfall.

Now we are at Houghton, Michigan. We went on a very long bike ride yesterday. Gramps and Grammy got to sit on the bike seats while we feet did all the pedaling. We saw this beaver lodge, but nobody was home. I know, I know; it looks like a pile of sticks, but a beaver does live there.

It’s been fun saying hi to both of you and when we feet get a chance we’ll send another letter

G&G Feet

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