Family Memories


Since our last visit Steve and Linda had rearranged the house. They rearrange their house as casually as some people rearrange their living room furniture. The entrance moved from the right to the center. A new activity center for Linda was carved out, as was a workroom for Brian and Jodi, along with room for an endless pool, and mini garage for their ‘mule’–an ATV truck. For good measure Steve cast a custom concrete island counter top for the kitchen and since his shop (once located in the mule and endless pool area) got moved to the garage, a field house was built to hold all the kayaks and camping equipment that had been stored there. Whew! We had to relearn the house and, of course, try out the endless pool. Ruth got in her gardening fix helping weed and rearrange the garden. We all got some exercise loading rocks into the mule for their trip to the pond stream to start its conversion to a rocky stream. For all our work and exercise, Brian cooked up gourmet meals for everyone to enjoy.

The view from Mike and Cindy’s hilltop home continues to evolve as Mike clears underbrush out from the trees opening up park like forest views and hours more of lawn cutting. Ruth managed to work in a bit more gardening helping Mike do a bit of underbrush clearing. The extra grass does attract wildlife so there is fun evening and early morning entertainment playing spot the deer. I got my workout hooking up Cindy’s new computer and sorting out all the normal initial hookup aggravations. Memorial Day a crowd of friends and family hardly seemed like a crowd at all as we partied and enjoyed the huge fire late into the evening. Even our niece Tracey and her kids put in an appearance. It is a treat watching Cindy and Mike being most gracious hostess and host.

Danielle stayed the night aboard Odyssey for the first time. A year earlier Jeff and Debbie made a strategic return to retrieve a little girl missing mom and dad and wanting to go home. This year she settled into “her room” the forward berth we call the library and settled down as Ruth read her a story. She finally dozed off listening to my tale of high adventure, a true story of how her dad many years ago would suit up in all kinds of protective gear to do battle with his ‘pet’ rabbit living in its garage cage. He’d come back battle scratched, but the cage would be clean.

A rental car gave us mobility and also some frustration. It’s great for doing runs to the doctor, dentist, and medical tests, but it intruded into our lives when we had to sort out parking and relocations as we moved Odyssey to new spots.

Jeff and Debbie took in the Rochester Jazz Festival seeing David Sanborn one evening while we took care of the girls. On another evening we poked around downtown saddened by how deserted it seemed in spite of all kinds of fixing up. The sadness disappeared over a great dinner and then an evening of listening to Marion McPartland’s piano jazz.

Jeff and Debbie are having fun discovering the joy of gardening. They are really enhancing their property.

Intrigued to see what it would be like to experience the Fairport Days Festival from the canal we moved up early and found a spot to tie up for a week. Jeff relaxed aboard as we took Danielle and Heather off wandering around the festival, finding the kids’ entertainment section and then just walking. Ruth took Dani off in one direction to get a face painting, and I took Heather off in another exploring. It was fun just watching what interested a two year old and what slowed her and had her little hand searching to hang onto mine.


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