129a Friends we met up with on the Chesapeake


Ralph and Steph on Sea Jay. We caught up with them days after Isabel in the hurricane hole they’d used during the storm. The tiny wind-protected cove was perfect for riding out the storm. They had stripped Sea Jay of all canvas, put down two anchors and headed for the shelter opened up at a nearby school. We swapped summer cruising stories and then made plans to cruise some of the Eastern Shore spots they’d visited and enjoyed.

Tom and Marilyn (formally on Samum) came down from Canada and joined us at Solomons for Trawlerfest and serious trawler hunting. They met us again during our stay in Annapolis as we helped them continue their hunt for a trawler.

We stopped briefly and said hello to Bob and Kristen on Sea Change at Trawlerfest. Bob looked great with all weight he lost. They are neat folks who live in Milwaukee and keep their boat on the Chesapeake.

We tied Odyssey up against Roger and Dee’s dock across from Pockets and enjoyed the comfort of their wonderful Northern Neck home. They lost a few shingles and many trees to Isabel’s wind. It took them almost a day to chainsaw their way down their driveway clearing it of fallen trees.

Tom and Judee on Cheshire Cat. Anchored in Spa Creek and stopped to say hello and swap summer cruising stories as they dinghied into Annapolis. They had stayed north like us and missed the hurricane.

Tim, Michelle and Cosmo on Shell y T rendezvoused with us at the mouth of the Potomac. They rode out Isabel tied to a dock in Washington, DC watching the fixed dock disappear as the tidal surge flooded the Potomac. Much of their summer had been spent nursing Cosmo’s torn up paws and legs, and he seemed to be back to his loveable self. They’d had a wonderful summer showing their California family the wonders of the east coast.

Lew was a total surprise as I walked out of the Point Lookout Marina office. We’d met at Gangplank marina and become friends during our visits Washington. Now retired he’d moved his wood Grand Banks to a covered slip at another marina to get it in shape to go cruising next year. The next day we anchored nearby and renewed our friendship over dinner aboard Odyssey.

Dean and Linda on Seagull were our Chesapeake ghosts. We’d see them for fleeting seconds as they worked at Trawlerfest. They’d been in Portsmouth, VA when Isabel arrived. They had Seagull hauled out, removed all the canvas and then tucked into a hotel to ride out the storm. We did catch enough time to make plans to meet further south.

Ralph and Bonnie Jean (Ammy Boo) were a wonderful surprise. They were traveling with Dean and Linda aboard Seagull. We had a fun time swapping notes and made plans to possibly meet up further south since they were planning on cruising Ammy Boo from St. Simons to Charleston once they returned south.

We took a slip at Holiday Harbor Marina in Solomons and spent the day swapping stories with John and Bobbie. Short Circat rode out the hurricane carefully secured at its normal slip with many extra dock lines to allow for the storm surge. That evening we joined them and their many dock friends for a wonderful dinner in the picnic grove. They spoiled us with grilled salmon steaks.

Refueling at Calvert’s we looked over and saw Grand Xpence. Ruth took a few minutes and said hello to John. We missed seeing Annie, but may get a chance to meet up at their winter home on Pine Island.

Walking through the Urbanna Oyster Festival we heard someone calling “Ruth!” There was Alma working one of the volunteer booths. We missed Steve working at another booth. They have put their sailing Endeavour cat up for sale.

We’d met Bob and Rose briefly at Beaufort, SC on Miss Claire. We made a random pick of a creek off the Corrotoman River. There was Miss Claire and the rest is in the the next entry.


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