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Somehow the flavor of fish and chips from the local Meaford restaurant was enhanced by the view from Marilyn and Tom’s deck overlooking Georgian Bay. Memories of the picture of the ice-covered bay they’d sent months earlier came back and then faded on the warm summer day. Nellie and Bob joined us on the deck for dinner. They were back from Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia to sell their house next door. We’d last seen Bob last year when he’d given us a wonderful tour of the Blue Rocks area while Nellie was traveling.

 Marilyn and Tom aboard Odyssey at MacGreggor Bay

Marilyn and Tom aboard Odyssey at MacGreggor Bay

We took in the art show in the Meaford marina with Marilyn and Tom’s dear friend Gayle. Breakfast at Ted’s and a drive around the area provided scenic vistas and a glimpse at how it was rapidly becoming a ski center for Toronto. We decided not to go for a sail on Sneakers because there was no wind and planned an overnight to give Marilyn and Tom a feel for trawler cruising. They are thinking about buying a trawler once Sneakers sells. Contrary to our no wind days our overnight to MacGreggor Bay was almost too much wind, but fun for all.

Barb, John and Kelly relaxing in their backyard

Barb, John and Kelly relaxing in their backyard

Backtracking to Midland we again caught up Barb and John. Installing a new galley sink faucet (happy hour story for those interested in the boring details) got mixed in with a musical review evening (excellent!!) and the annual garden tour of area homes where we were treated to a wide variety of gardening styles and water features. It was fun seeing Barb and John’s 5th wheel trailer that has replaced their sailboat Eriskay. We were so busy we had little time to hear about their planned trip to Newfoundland and enjoy the results of their gardening efforts around their patio. Daughter, Jennifer, made a beautiful dessert complete with chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Big Dog Channel on a Sunday afternoon was a bit challenging. Ruth threaded us through the narrow passage as a line of small boats stacked up behind us. Barb and Diane watched the passing scene from Odyssey’s bow while John provided directions. Bill and I checked our progress on the electronic charts we had running. Jennifer had brought butter tarts, the best we’ve had, that we reluctantly shared with everyone.

We’d had a chance to catch up with Celina and Jim the previous night aboard Odyssey. We hadn’t seen them since At Ease and Tranquility were both in Kingston, ON in 1999. As we pulled into the dock at Penetang there was At Ease looking like new as Celina and Jim have been working on a complete refurbish. Now our Texas friends have purchased a home in Penetang. We could see the results of the improvements they’ve made to their home as we all gathered for a dinner on their deck overlooking the harbor.


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