125a Family June 2003


Linda’s new job as Archivist for the Hobart William Smith Collage Library gave us a glimpse behind the scenes to see the college archives and her work to preserve history. More importantly we saw how she is able to retrieve those bits of history for review by researchers and what she’s doing to make archive information more available to everyone. It made for an interesting morning.

Photo by Steve Benedict

Photo by Steve Benedict

An impromptu phone call yielded an invite to see Smith Observatory on a dull, rainy day. Off we went to see a telescope from the mid 1800’s, now an historic site, located in the backyard of a private home. We marveled at the simple beauty of the antique telescope towering above our heads.

Danielle and Grammie starting on Danielle's first overnight

Danielle and Grammie starting on Danielle's first overnight

We never saw Odyssey as a jungle gym, but Dani and Heather sure thought it was. Off they went climbing and exploring and having a ball with all the different levels and nooks and crannies. Dani adopted the front cabin, our library, as her own. She eagerly agreed to stay overnight—her first without mom and dad. A few minutes after mom and dad were gone, there was a change of heart and she wanted mommy and daddy. Wisely Debbie and Jeff had planned to stop back and check. One very sleepy girl reluctantly went home to her own bed. We’ll try an overnight again on our next visit.

Boat work mixed smoothly with our playing and family visits. The alternator was mailed back for repairs. New cockpit cushions were ordered. The foam in the main salon cushions was replaced. Ruth started putting a new finish on the cockpit table. We tackled a major project and installed a satellite radio. Swapping the old radio for the new one was easy. Running the wire for the antenna and for additional speakers in the overhead took a bit of work. Then we learned the automotive satellite antenna we’d purchased required a ground plane; like a metal car roof to work. Had we known there was a marine version we could have skipped the ground plane installation. Steve had an inspiration and provided materials and help. An old aluminum speed limit sign that was hanging around the farm now rides on Odyssey’s roof and functions as our ground plane. We receive 100 stations off the Sirius satellite. The programming variety is outstanding, and we love having the same stations available wherever we travel. We are spoiled and haven’t listened to standard radio since its installation.

Robins on Cindy and Mike's porch

Robins on Cindy and Mike's porch

Always the gracious hosts, Cindy and Mike invited everyone to their hilltop home for a grand family reunion. Rain kept everyone indoors, but didn’t dampen the fun of being together with family. A glance out of the mudroom window gave us a front row view as two very hard working robin parents tried to keep four hungry mouths full. The nest was on the porch beam just outside the window. As evening crept in entertainment shifted to the front windows as deer materialized out of the woods to
5 cords is a lot of wood.

5 cords is a lot of wood.

enjoy a drink at the pond. I managed to get in a needed physical workout helping Mike move and stack five face cords of wood that had been delivered. Days later we received a call from Cindy reporting she’d seen some of the robin babies make their first flight.

Debbie and Jeff had added wireless capability to let their Apple laptop talk to their Apple desktop and to the cable modem. Knowing that there are developing opportunities along the ICW I couldn’t pass up a chance to try out Wi-Fi and got a card for our laptop. It took some sorting out, but we soon had our laptop surfing the Internet wirelessly.

Time disappeared as we worked on projects and visited family. A week turned into two weeks and a bit more. We returned our rental car and then took advantage of our closeness to Debbie and Jeff to ride our bikes the 6 miles to their home one morning. We discovered how badly out of shape we were and how deceptive the terrain had been. It seemed like most of the ride was an uphill climb. Rain washed out our anticipated easy ride back to Odyssey. Jeff provided us with a ride back, but only after a detour to Jines, to treat us to a great dinner and a chance to say good-bye to Debbie who was working there that evening.

Newark Fest has grown since our last visit four years earlier. We wandered the festival while people watching and munching our way through the food booths. We drew the line, however, at trying “French Fried Twinkies.” It was just as well; Brian and Jody had prepared another gourmet dinner. It was a treat enjoying outstanding food in Linda and Steve’s new dining room. It’s another evolution to their ever changing home. Months earlier we’d help Steve tear out the hot tub and floor as the first step in creating what is now the new dining room. Now with the table moved, the kitchen will expand to give chef Brian more space to practice his art.


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