Christmas 2002


Debbie, Danielle, Ruth, Jeff, Heather enjoying the day

Debbie, Danielle, Ruth, Jeff, Heather enjoying the day

The match up was totally uneven: two over 60 grandparents vs. two grandkids. One is just short of 3 and the other 10 months. It was totally unfair. We’re looking for a grandparent protection agency to protect us from ourselves. Danielle bounced around wearing us out just watching her. Heather worked her quiet charm resulting in us continually picking her up to enjoy her smile. The day extended into evening as we gave Jeff and Debbie the luxury of a night out as we sat for our two charmers. Jeff and Debbie loved it, Heather and Dani weren’t happy having both mom and dad gone and objected vocally. It was a long night, but finally just before mom and dad returned we got the kids settled down. Gramps and Grammie slept in a bit the next morning.

Jody working up courage to clear her car

Jody working up courage to clear her car

Christmas snow greeted us as we stirred at Steve and Linda’s. Gray leaden skies transformed the morning into a perfect black and white winter scene as big snowflakes drifted down to stack up on every branch and twig on this quiet windless morning. Bundled up I started clearing off the car as Steve ran the snow blower. The faster we cleared, the faster the snow fell. Glancing at my shoulder I was bemused to see an inch of flakes riding along on my jacket. Snow showered down turning trees just across the driveway into blurry abstractions. It was time to retreat and enjoy the storm from the warmth of the house.

Over the day, 18 inches accumulated changing everyone’s Christmas plans. We joined Steve, Linda, Brian, and Jody for their Christmas morning. Jody had obtained a surprise package from Archie McPhee and we took turns pulling all sorts of odd and gross items from the collection of oddball items they’d sent. Ruth loved her rolling eyeball, the eye always staring upward as it rolled across the floor.

 At least the shoveling is downhill

At least the shoveling is downhill

We joined Mike in shoveling the last few hundred feet down the hill to where their 4WD jeep and our rental car were parked. The snow and ice covered driveway was only passable on foot. Mike had been up early and had cleared the first 1,100 feet. With the driveway cleared we now had a path to walk up and down. Driving uphill would have to wait for a thaw to clear the ice.

We turned the trip to the mailbox into a walk in the woods. On Mike and Cindy’s property it’s easy to do. We took the easy way to the second pond and then set off down hill finding a number of deer trails as we wove our way through the lovely, quiet woods. Once we found the road and mailbox we took the easy route: assuming one considers it easy to walk back up 1,300 feet of icy driveway that climbs a couple of hundred feet. After that effort we enjoyed sitting and looking out over the snow-covered pond where winter and an overcast sky changed the view into a study in black and white.

Cindy and Ruth took flashlight and sled and trekked down the hill to meet Jeff, Debbie and the girls. Heather and Danielle were treated to a sled ride back up the hill. We were together as a family and shared a great first holiday now that they are living full time in the wilderness. It was fun seeing Danielle open and play with the Christmas presents. Heather at 10 months is still into enjoying the paper but was having a grand time as was everyone watching.

Itchy to get home to the boat, we sadly said our goodbyes, enjoyed one last walk down the snow-covered hill and headed south to Odyssey waiting for us at Jekyll Island, GA


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