101a Family Gathering


Years ago mom had picked up a small piece of driftwood at Chimney Bluffs on Lake Ontario. She kept it on the TV and would comment occasionally about the driftwood and how much she had enjoyed seeing the bluffs. Family gathered along those same shores and set the little piece of driftwood free. Brian read as a eulogy her last diary entry-a brief paragraph written just before she left us about how much she’d enjoyed life, family and the people around her. We spent the day and evening munching on mom food-favorite foods mom used to prepare. Late into the night a crackling fire by the pond kept us company as we reminisced about a unique lady.

Just before bedtime Jeff and Danielle log onto the Internet and bring up the web cam just outside Jines, the restaurant where Debbie works as the manager. A moment’s wait, and Debbie appears on screen and waves goodnight to Danielle. Danielle waves back exclaiming “Momo” and settles down for bed having said good night on the Internet.

The views are breathtaking. Now for the first time we can see the almost completed jewel Mike has been crafting in this unique setting. The just-finished porch drew us like a magnet to just relax and enjoy the view into the woods

Having returned to Baltimore we stopped to return dropped papers to Island Time after a potluck dinner at the marina. We commented about the Michigan numbers on their dinghy. Thirty seconds later we’d discovered we were talking to Bob Peters, and it turned out he’d gone to school with Ricky Clark from elementary through high school. And then he added: “I remember your mom, she made me feel so comfortable at your home.” It’s indeed a small cruising world.


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